Best Digital Mixers for Home Studio

The heart of every home music studio is a top quality digital mixer. A digital mixer will be able to accommodate all inputs from your receiver, music player, microphone and musical instruments. You can play, mix audio inputs and record your performance with a digital mixer.

There are only a few top brands and digital mixer models in the market. You must check out the following when you are shopping for your own home studio digital mixer system.


If you are looking for an all-around mixer that has all you need to provide the best sound then the BEHRINGER XENYX 502 is for you. This mixer comes with 5 inputs so you can connect it to different equipment and manage sound mixing from this console. It is very compact and lets you achieve premium-quality sound no matter where you are playing from. The XENYX 502 comes with the studio-grade phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamp and “British” channel EQ.

Awesome British EQ

Mix legendary tracks and become the envy of your friends and guests with the ENYX 502. The Neo-classic “British” 2-band ZEEQ provides warm and music soundmixing capabilities. It will let you imbibe pure signals with incredible warmth and amazing character that you can only create from a reliable and top quality digital mixer.

Quality inputs and outputs

This audio mixer comes with a mic preamp that can accommodate a dynamic or condenser microphone. It lets you play music between sets using RCA, CD or tape  inputs plus record your performance using an outboard recording device using durable and quality RCA inputs.

Small yet powerful

The XENYX is small yet powerful. You can easily take it anywhere because it weighs only 1.2 pounds. This is portable, easy to carry and despite its scaled-down performance, it provides a sound that will be the envy of your guests and friends. This console can be used in schools, restaurants, meeting rooms, business and more.


  • Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • With state-of-the-art phantom XENYX Mic Preamp
  • With neo-classic ‘’British’’ 2-band EQ
  • With separate outputs
  • Can be assigned for CD/tape inputs and headphone or main mix outputs


This is one of the most impressive BEHRINGER digital mixers. The XENYX Q802USB will give you premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer that is actually comparable with stand-alone professional preamps. It will give you awesome sound quality with its studio-grade compressors with easy one-knob operation. It comes with a control LED ideal for your professional vocal and instrumental performances.

Easy connectivity

The XENYX Q802USB connects using a built-in stereo USB/audio interface that will let you connect directly to your computer. Enjoy free audio recording, editing and podcasting software that comes with this compact console. Aside from these perks, you can also enjoy more than 150 instruments and sound effects when you download these and other plugins at

Smooth neo-classic EQs

The Berhinger XENYX Q802USB offers smooth and warm musical sounds with its neo-classic ‘’British’’ 3-band EQs. Live and sound like the 80s once more with its powerful EQ system that will give your tunes more soul.

Easy to use

The XENYX Q802USB offers the best sounds and audio plus it is so easy to use no matter what the audio demands may be. You can use this for your home studio to mix, record and play your music or you can use this for your business, church, restaurant or school as well because it is very versatile.


  • Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • With 2 XENYX Mic Preamps
  • With studio-grade compressors
  • Easy to us ‘’one-knob’’ functionality
  • With control LED for professional sound
  • Can be used to connect with musical instruments and other audio inputs
  • With built-in stereo, USB/audio interface to connect directly to your computer
  • Comes with free audio recording, editing and podcasting software
  • With 150 instruments and sound effects plug-ins downloadable from
  • With ‘’British’’ 3-band EQs
  • Easy to use and compact

Mackie PROFX8V2 8-Channel Compact Mixer with USB and Effects

There are a number of top compact mixers in the market and there could only be one that can give life to any input. The Mackie PROFX8V2 8-channel compact mixer comes with ReadyFX effects engine with 16 effects that will surely make you sound and look like a professional. This console is perfect for a home studio where you can record your own style of music. This also comes with exciting features that you will surely admire.

With cool effects

The Mackie PROFX8V2 offers great sound and partnered with the ReadyFX effects engine, you get 16 effects which include reverbs, delays and choruses. Add soul, depth and drama to your mixes with this easy to use studio mixer built for home studio use.

With 7-band graphic EQ

This lets y you tune mains or monitors plus provide you with stable, pure music that will surely make your music sound like a professional. Play your music at home, at a club or in your private venue for an event and let your guests admire your awesome work.

Easy to use

You can be a beginner or a novice at music mixing and still create awesome music with this amazing machine. The Mackie PROFX8V2 is compact, easy to take anywhere you have a gig. It operates in temperatures of 0 to 40 degrees Centigrade and is made from top quality materials to last a lifetime.


  • 4 low noise Mackie Vita mic preamps
  • Comes with ReadyFX effects engine
  • Comes with 16 effects including reverbs, delays and choruses
  • With 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors
  • With aux output for monitor mixes, venue 70-vold systems and so much more
  • With 3-band EQ and 100 Hz low –cut filter on all channels


Whether you have a home music studio or a professional studio you must have a compact, easy to use and reliable digital mixer. With a top quality mixer you will always play the best tunes and make the best music and tracks. Shop smart and you will surely find the best that will meet your needs.